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ugly shisha

Ugly tobacco uses a blonde leaf to get brighter, sweet flavors that are unique in the hookah-verse. Here is a quick list of the flavors and descriptions that make our mouths water and will get your customers excited about new flavors again.

Available Flavors : 

  • Apple Apple - This a sweeter, "apply-er" take on traditional double apple

  • Blue Magic - A mystical mix of blueberry candy and a cool tingly finish

  • Chitown Breeze - Smooth blend of chocolate and mint

  • Citrus Breeze - Mint and citrus combined for a sweet, sparkly flavor

  • Desert Storm - A unique flavor of lime an cactus fruit

  • Grape Mint - White grape with a cool blast of mint

  • Grapefruit Mint - A minty twist on on the tart and sweet grapefruit

  • Happy Hour - Banana flavored cocktail

  • Hit Me - A pineapple centric blend with dashes of mint and fruits

  • Hurricane - Mango lemonade

  • Island Mama - Tastes like a peach mango mix to us

  • Lemon Mint - Full lemon flavor with a dash of mint for a smooth finish

  • Marcoje - A fruit-splosion of guava with fruity berries

  • Ma Wardi - A peachy fruit punch that never disappoints

  • Mint - This minty blend combines sweetness and peppermint

  • Orange Keef - Super orange-y citrus that dazzles the tonge with a splash of mint

  • Pomegranate - Perfect amount of sweet and tart

  • Purple Breeze - Combination of grape and mint flavors

  • Rollercoaster - Bright orange and citrus with a tantalizing hint of sweet spice

  • Secret Agent - A secret tropical fruit element has infiltrated this citrus mint mix

  • Sgt. Huckleberry - Blue raspberry with smooth taffy notes and a sour bite

  • Tri Force - Blueberry, grapefruit and mint

  • Watermelon Mint - Sweet refreshing watermelon with a cooling mint zinger

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