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XOX Vapor 2ML 600 Puffs Prefilled Salt Nicotine Disposable Device - Display of 10

Type: Disposable
Nicotine Level: 5%
Puff Count: About 400 puffs


Apple Juice
Taken back to a more simple time, Apple Juice by Nixx Vape is an apple juice flavored disposable e-cigarette made to satiate those juice cravings – only this time not in a pouch. This fruity flavored disposable e-cigarette carries the fruit flavor of apple juice to pucker your lips with an explosion of flavor.

Custard Tobacco
As if just cured, Custard Tobacco by Nixx Vape is a tobacco flavored disposable e-cigarette made with the overtones of custard. This tobacco disposable e-cigarette carries that rich tobacco flavor on the inhale with the accent of custard on the exhale.

Lemon Tart
As if pre-baked, Lemon Tart by Nixx Vape is a disposable e-cigarette made to emulate those days where our mother used to bake the same dessert decadence. With a savory tart on the inhale, this disposable e-cigarette leaves an exquisite lemon accent on the exhale.

Made for us with a sweet tooth, Loops by Nixx Vape is a dessert decadence made to emulate those morning donuts that we’re so fond of. As if straight from the box, this disposable e-cigarette mirrors those buttery donuts while leaving those overtones of glaze.

Strawberry Straws
For a mix a fruity with a hint of candy, Strawberry Straws by Nixx Vape is a disposable e-cigarette made to emulate those strawberry straws we used to overindulge in. With candy overtones on the inhale and the juicy tantalizing strawberries on the exhale, Strawberry Straws is a must have for your e-juice platter.

10 x Nixx Vape 2.6ML 400 Puffs Prefilled Nicotine Salt Disposable Device 


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