• Lime – Tart citrusy lime

  • Mango – Tropical and lush mango with sweet and sour flavors

  • Margarita – Uno mas margarita por favor

  • Melon Rush – Sweet honeydew melons mixed with berries

  • Mint – Intense natural peppermint

  • Mobster – Energy drink type flavor with guarana beans, citrus and pineapple

  • Mojito – Sweet lime with a cool mint twist

  • Orange – Fresh squeezed Oranges, ripened on the tree

  • Pandora’s Box – Cinnamon and bright red cherries create a delightful treat

  • Passion Fruit – Vine ripened tropical passion fruit, just gushing with flavor

  • Passion Fruit Mojito – citrus and passion fruit combine with a sweet cool mint

  • Pear Chill – Sweet pears with a refreshing mint overtone

  • Pina Colada – Fresh tropical pineapple and creamy coconut without the paper umbrella

  • Pink Lemonade – sweet, tart and tangy lemonade with a splash of “pink”

  • Pistachio Breeze – Rich nutty pistachio with mild hints of saffron and vanilla​

  • Absolute Zero – An icy blend of mint with a cold, refreshing flavor

  • Arctic Lemon – Bright lemon zest with ice cold mint 

  • Baja Blue – Mixed berries and chocolate 

  • Banana Foster – Classic dessert of bananas, spices and cream

  • Berry Punch – Fruity flavor explosion of blended berries and fruits

  • Blackberry – Dark, tart blackberries

  • Blue Raspberry – Sweet raspberries with a touch of tart “blue” flavor

  • Blush – sweet berries and fruit with a citrus kiss and a delicate touch of rose

  • Cali Peach – Sweet and smooth peachy goodness

  • Cantaloupe Chill – Refreshing mint and sweet, ripe cantaloupes

  • Chai Latte – Spiced black tea with surprisingly smooth finish

  • Citrus Chill – A citrus kick full of zest with a cool minty finish

  • Citrus Peach – The sweet and fuzzy peachy goodness with tart citrus

  • Wild Berry Chill – Exotic mix of wild berries with a smooth mint finish

  • Strawberry Kiwi – The classic fruit pairing is sweet, tart and smooth

  • Strawberry Margarita – Juicy blend of red berries and classic lime margarita

  • Tangerine Rush – Vibrant tangerine citrus 

  • Tiger’s Blood – Strawberries, raspberries and cherries will bring out your spirit animal

  • Tropical Fruit – Pineapple and other tropical fruits with a smooth coconut blend

  • Twisted – Mangos plus berries, berries and more berries

  • Vegas Bomb – A high octane cocktail with bourbon, butterscotch and energy drink

  • Voltage – sweet watermelon lemonade will charge up your hookah picnic

  • Watermelon – Refreshing as a big slice of juicy watermelon on the 4th of July

  • Watermelon Chill – Add a cool minty finish to your favorite watermelon

  • White Gummy Bear – The pineapple twist of your favorite bear-shaped chews

  • Wild Berry – Mixed berries with hints of their floral blooms


  • Double Apple – The OG of all flavors, Apple with heavy anise notes.

  • Dulche de Leche – Sweet, creamy caramel

  • French Vanilla – Elegantly blended vanilla with hints of other spices

  • Golden Delicious Apple – Sweet and crisp apples, fresh from the farm

  • Grape – A mix of black, red and green grapes

  • Grape Chill – Ripe grapes with subtle but fresh mint tones

  • Grapefruit Chill – Sweet, juicy grapefruit with a cooling mint finish

  • Honeydew Melon – Classic green melon flavor with succulent sweetness

  • Kiwi – zesty fruitiness tempered by smooth green kiwi

  • Lemon – Sun ripened lemons

  • Lemon Chill –Tangy lemons with a mildly sweet minty finish

  • Sex Panther – Cranberry, peach and citrus flavors without any bits of real panther

Social Smoke shisha

  • Social Smoke hookah tobacco got a growing domestic fan base since 2008, this shisha has gone global in recent years and seen an explosion in sales.  It's popularity in Europe is unmatched! This American-style shisha focuses on delicious flavor blends with smooth, thick clouds. Social Smoke features a wide range of hookah flavors from sweet Dulce de Leche to spicy Mango Habanero, savory Arabian Nights to the chilly mint of Absolute Zero

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