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The RAW Hemp Plastic Roller is made from eco-friendly German Hemp Plastic.  Hemp Plastic is a revolutionary material created by Dr. Pohl and popularized by RAW.  Our rollers are produced on the island of Kudus, Indonesia where the original clove cigarette factories were established.  This island has a long history of hand rolling because until recently all real clove cigarettes were rolled by hand!   There was nobody better to make a long-lasting hand rolling machine than here!

RAW Hemp Plastic Roller sizes: 79mm


1: To OPEN the roller, lift the rolling pin up and towards you. Spread the tobacco evenly and lightly press between the rolling pins.

2. To CLOSE the roller, push the rolling pins together. Remove any tobacco caught between the rolling pins. With the rolling pins in the closed position, give the front rolling pin one full turn toward you and down with your thumbs. You must always roll toward you never away.

3. INSERT PAPER with the gummed side up and facing you. Roll the front rolling pin towards you again, leaving the gummed edge sticking up by 1/2 inch. Lightly moisten the gummed edge.

4. Continue rolling the paper through the roller by rotating both rolling pins towards you at the same time. To remove the cigarette, rotate the rear rolling pin quickly backward. Open & Enjoy!



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