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Now offering dozens of flavors, Fantasia shisha tobacco has been a well received innovator in the shisha market. They've introduced some great tasting flavors like Purple Haze, Adios Mofo, and Incredible. Made here in the USA, Fantasia looks to continue to provide potent in-demand flavors for the American market. 


Fantasia shisha is all about taking hookah to the party and the party to hookah. They have so many flavors based on popular alcoholic cocktails, that it makes pairing these flavors with bar drinks a breeze! You can also get new icy, minty blends of the some of the staples, such as Blueberry Ice or Mango Ice. Fantasia's Ice Line has become some of their best sellers!

Fantasia Shisha

  • 4 Play: Watermelon candy

    Ace of Spades: Mint + chocolate

    Adios Mofo: Blue raspberry + citrus.

    Apple Martini: An apple flavored cocktail.

    Aurora: Sweet pineapple

    Banana Foster: Banana + Vanilla + Rum

    Black Mamba: Nectarine + Pineapple

    Black Martini: Berry flavored cocktail

    Blueberry Ice: Blueberry + mint

    Blueberry: Blueberry

    Cactus Breeze: Cranberry + pineapple + sour

    Cali Green: Sour green apple

    Caramel Cappuccino: Caramel + coffee.

    Charm Brittian: Tropical orange/citrus blend.

    Cherry Cola: Like the beverage

    Citrus Ice: Citrus + mint blend

    Cuban Mojito:  Similar to a margarita but with added mint.

    Cupid's Arrow: Think: candy hearts.

    Da Bomb Blueberry: Bold and sweet blueberry

    Diablo: Hot cinnamon candy

    Dirty Blonde: Pineapple and banana

    Double Apple Ice: Double apple + mint

    Dragon's Breath: Fruit candy, similar to gummy bears.

    Electric X: Mix of blackberry, blueberry, raspberry.

    Eric Bellinger: Sweet cherry.

    Firecracker: Cherry + berry + melon

    G6 Grape: Bold grape

    Golden Double Apple: Double apple with a hint less licorice

    Grape Ice: Grape + mint

    Green Ice: Strong mint.

    Guava Breeze: Guava with a bubble gum hint.

    Hush Honey: Honey

    Hydroponics: Peach

    Ice Mint: Super strong mint

    Incredible: Fruit + cognac mix

    Joker: Grapefruit + sweet grape blend

    Kali Drizzle: Grape bubble gum.

    Lemon Ice: Lemon + mint

    Lucky: Key lime pie

    Madzilla: Delicious, succulent, strawberry flavor.

    Magic Dragon: Blueberry + mint

    Mally Mall: Strong melon

    Mango Ice: Mango + mint

    Margarita: Like the drink

    Mary Jane: Sweet guava

    Massari: Sweet grape/mint blend.

    Maybach Melon: Sweet Melon flavor

    Melon Ice: Ripe cantaloupe

    Menage: Melon + Citrus

    Mon'Cherry: Maraschino cherries

    OG Sweet: Bubble gum + cotton candy

    One Hundred: Wintergreen mint

    Orange Sherbet: Like the delicious ice cream.

    Peach Fuzzy Naval: A nice twist on the peach flavored cocktail.

    Pina Colada: Coconut and pineapple cocktail

    Pink Lemonade: Sweet lemonade.

    Pumpkin Spice: Similar to pumpkin pie

    Purple Haze: Sour + sweet grape

    Purple K: White grape

    Qing Rubus: Blue raspberry

    Rainbow Burst: Tastes similar to skittles.

    Raspberry Kamikaze: Raspberry and cream

    Raspberry Lemonade: Raspberry and lemon

    Red Lightning: Strawberry

    Red Velvet: Strawberry and cream, like the cake.

    Rozay Wine: Similar to the wine but with more floral hints.

    Screwdriver: Sweet Orange with a spicy aftertaste.

    Strawberry Daiquiri: Like the frozen alcoholic beverage.

    Strawberry Ice: Strawberry + mint

    Strawberry Lemonade: Strawberry + lemon

    Strawberry Banana Split: Strawberry + banana with chocolate and vanilla.

    Surfer: Taste like a cocktail with coconut, rum, and pineapple juice.

    Swag Berry: A mixture of blueberry and other berries.

    Sweet Red Melon: Sweet melon flavor

    The Million Dollar Flavor: Similar to sweet cough drops

    Triple Apple: Thrice times the apple flavor and only a tiny bit of the licorice.

    Triple X: Fruit + cream

    Vanilla Sky: Vanilla and gingerbread mix

    Watermelon Ice: Watermelon + mint

    White Grape

    White Lotus: Coconut, citrus, and honeydew melon.

    Wild Mango: Bold sweet mango.

    Yachtmaster Wet Mango: Tastes like mango, and perhaps what mango tastes like on a yacht. But I've never ridden on a yacht so I cannot verify.


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