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This is a revolutionary product & the first of its kind. Water Based Nicotine Hydrated by Aquios Labs. This will provide the cleanest & most flavorful vape that you can get in a Disposable Device. If you enjoy the other products from this company we highly recommend trying out this new form of Base Nicotine.

Aquios Labs is responsible for the Water Based Nicotine & it’s still in it’s first generation. It’s called AQ30, which supports 30% Water. This allows for a smooth, clean, light, discreet, & positive vaping experience.

As of now there are 5 Flavors; Blueberry, Grape, Peach, Strawberry, Watermelon. We expect more options to hit the market quickly. These 5 are just the initial release.

We don’t see too many advances in the eJuice Industry these days. There isn’t much you can improve on. So any progress is better than none. We are excited to see how these can help our customers and improve their vaping experience.

Looking for the deliciously flavored original model? The Esco Bars Original Disposable is still very popular & available now! Looking for the newer larger model that was just released? The Esco Bars Mega Disposable has been released and is available now!

Benefits of Water Based Nicotine :

Clean & Natural Flavor

Higher Bio-availability

Better Nicotine Delivery

Faster Satisfaction

Reduced PG Intolerance

Less Irritation

Decreased Dehydration

Smoother Inhale

Lower Operating Temperature

Improved Chemical Stability



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