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new flavors from unique brands of hookah tobacco will find Trifecta and fall in love. This collection of flavors is the right mix of sweet, savory and spice blends to provide a flavor for everyone.  The price point on 100g jars is easily affordable when compared to other premium brands of American made shisha


    • Apple 509 - Green apple + hint of anise

    • Arak - Bold anise and black licorce

    • BDS - Sweet melon + citrus

    • Blue Strawberry - Blueberry/strawberry candy

    • Bohemian Mix - Clove + cardamom + cinnamon with a dash of vanilla

    • Bonafide - Spiced banana and cream based blend

    • Cherry Berry - Cherry candy with subtle hints of blueberry and raspberry

    • Coconut Ginger - Coconut + ginger

    • Cucumber Mojito - Smooth, refreshing cucumber and mint

    • Iced Orange Mint - Orange with a strong ice mint. 

    • Lemon Mint - Pure lemon flavor, slightly sweetened with a refreshing mint

    • Mango Smoothie - Delicious mango + creamy vanilla

    • Mediterranean Mint - Traditional mint with spearmint and mild cooling

    • Melon Melange - Melons, melons, melons! Watermelon, honey dew, and cantaloupe.

    • Moro Zest - Fresh but tart blood orange

    • Mountain Fog - Sweet lemon-lime, like that bright green dew from the mountains

    • Nawar - One of the best floral blends around: rose, lavender, and jasmine

    • Original Twice The Ice - The coldest mint your lungs can withstand.

    • P3 - Sweet and sour rainbow flavored citrus-y candy

    • Peach Mint - Sweet peach + mint

    • Peppermint Shake - Supreme ice cold peppermint with a mildly creamy finish 

    • Persian Melon - Cantaloupe, but better than the real thing

    • Pineapple Guava - Tropical explosion of flavors

    • Pumpkin Somethin - Pumpkin spice + vanilla

    • Ruby - Unique blend of cherry, berries, and melon with a dash of cinnamon

    • Spiced Java - Robust coffee with a touch of spice

    • TNT - Mango, mint and grapefruit

    • Twice the Ice Extreme - "Your tauntaun will freeze before you get to the first marker"

    • Vanilla - vanilla

    • Vertigo - Melon blend with a mint finish.


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