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 Mini Size packages contain 2 0.75g tubes

 Natural corn husk filters allow bigger draws

 100% natural materials

King Palm Features:

Our Signature Slow Burn. King Palms are the slowest and smoothest burning wraps on the market. Period. 

A preinstalled, hand-rolled, Corn Husk filter tip. The most effective filter tip that allows you to squeeze for a tighter draw while you smoke. People especially love to do this towards the end of a session as the heat of the smoke can get higher.

The sturdiest packing stick you will come by in this industry. We made it this way so you could pack and compress your flowers into our rolls with ease.

Storage: Store in a dark and cool environment inside an airtight container with a humidity level between 62% and 72%.

Shelf Life: With the included humidity control packet your rolls will stay fresh for up to 1 year when sealed and stored correctly. Rolls may dry out a little over long periods of time but have still proven to smoke exceptionally. 

King Palm flavor rolls are a crowd favorite. Pop the capsule when you first light up or halfway through, the choice is yours. Once activated, you will notice a strong yet complimentary flavor to your flowers. The idea of smoking factory processed flavors on wraps is a thing of the past. You can also rest assured you are not smoking glue since our hand-rolled leaf is perfectly tied together with a paper band, making our roll the best smokable leaf in the world. Our product is free of chemicals.  With a simple squeeze, you can pop the capsule whenever you like. The rolls are designed to burn slowly, so feel free to take your time and enjoy your smoke with a group of friends. Mass-produced wraps contain a lot of synthetic chemicals, preservatives, emulsifiers, glue, and an unnecessary amount of other additives. With King Palm, you get rolls that were grown from the ground up, and only made of one thing, genuine leaves. Each roll is picked by hand, cleaned, cured with heat, and quality controlled to give you the ultimate smoking experience.

Join the flavor wave and try our natural watermelon roll.  Our flavor rolls are made with terpene-infused food grade essential oils to get the flavor you need. We offer a pre-rolled 5 Slim Pack with a watermelon taste that is both convenient and tasty. All our 5 Pack Flavors come shipped in our universal packaging. Please look on the back of the pouch to see what flavor and size it is.